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Are you plagued by the constant sound of water running in your toilet, even when it has finished flushing and should have stopped? This could be a severe problem that can cause an increase in your monthly water bill if not taken care of.

Sometimes the issue could be that your flush handle is loose, and jiggling the handle may stop the running, but this solution will only work for so long before it becomes an actual plumbing emergency. Continue reading to learn more about what could be causing your leaking toilet and how you can stop it.

It May Be Time To Replace Your Toilet Flapper

When a plumber is called about a leaking toilet, the first thing we will check is the toilet flapper. Located inside the tank, the toilet flapper is responsible for allowing water to flow into the toilet bowl through the overflow pipe when the toilet is flushed, and covering the top of the overflow pipe the rest of the time.

If your toilet uses a tank ball flapper, and it is allowing excess water to flow into the toilet, it may be because the chain that connects the handle to the flapper, and pulls the flapper up, is too short. When this happens, the flapper can’t sit back onto the overflow pipe like it’s supposed to. However, a more popular toilet flapper in use today is the rubber cap.

Like the tank ball, the rubber cap flapper sits on top of the overflow pipe and is pulled up by a chain to let water in when the toilet flushes, so the same issue of chain length can cause a problem. Another possible reason your rubber cap may be failing is that the rubber ring around the edge of the cap has become worn or broken with time.

A Running Toilet May Be Caused By…

If a bad toilet flapper is not the cause of the continuous running water in your toilet, then we will begin to check other possible causes.

The first of these is the water level in your tank. If the water level is too high, it will spill over into the overflow pipe and leak into the toilet bowl.

Fortunately, adjusting the water level is a relatively simple task. Your plumber may also check the float and fill valve to make sure they are not behind the running water.

Helpful Toilet Maintenance Tips From Our Pros!

The professionals at Polestar Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning have a few tips to help you keep your toilet in good working order and avoid serious plumbing issues like a leaking toilet again in the future.

For one thing, keep your toilet clean by using mild cleaners and avoiding harsh chemicals that may damage the porcelain. Never use liquid drain cleaners to unclog your toilet.

Check your toilet flapper at least every six months to make sure it isn’t broken or worn. And finally, only flush toilet paper and bodily waste down your toilet, avoiding a toilet clog is the best way to deal with this issue!

If you have some favorite toilet maintenance tips of your own that we forgot to mention, leave them in the comments below! Don’t forget to call us today at (913) 423-8827 to put an end to that bothersome leaking toilet! Our Plumbing experts are the best in Olathe, and are always available to assist you.

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