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Why Homeowners Should Consider Joining A Maintenance Plan


 The world is falling apart. That is the way it works. Humans try to bring order by building structures and civilization, but if any part of that structure is left alone, it will eventually degrade into nothing. As they say, “Even the Mona Lisa is falling apart.” There is nothing that lasts forever, the same is true of pipes and appliances. They will run well up until they don’t, and they are often neglected up to the point they are no longer working properly.  

 Defining The Maintenance Plan Membership 

 Maintenance is important to prevent problems with an HVAC or plumbing system before they start. A maintenance program membership is basically a contract between a customer and a service company to provide regular service and maintain a home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, or plumbing systems. There is nothing governing plans of this type, so each company is free to create their own, but generally, all include more than just regular maintenance. 

No-Hassle Regular Maintenance Service 

 As was previously stated, maintenance is the most important factor in the length of an appliance’s life. Regular maintenance is also easy to forget. The primary appeal of the maintenance plans is that the company is there to remind the homeowner when service is due instead of the other way around. Here are a few examples of maintenance for both HVAC and plumbing that might be part of a regular visit. 

  • Cleaning/Changing the Filter: A dirty filter can reduce the efficiency of the air conditioning unit. This is one of the first steps in HVAC maintenance.
  • Checking coolant level: A leak in the coolant lines can cause immediate cooling issues. Quick repair and refill can keep the home comfortable.
  • Checking and unclogging drain: A clogged drain can cause leaks and water damage, mold, or mildew to develop.
  • Checking for and repairing leaks: This will keep a homeowner from losing money over water lost from the pipes
  • Water heater cleaning and repair: Water heaters need to be emptied and descaled occasionally and the pressure release valve needs to be checked.

The Other Perks Of Membership 

Not only does a maintenance plan membership give the members worry-free regular service, but also typically receives other benefits as well. There are many options here, but a few that regularly appear are as follows: 

  • Free Minor Repairs: These might include some of the things that would be worn out without regular maintenance. In the case of plumbing, this might consist of clog removal. It might also include a few other services.
  • Discounts/Coupons: These would be provided for repairs not included in the regular maintenance.
  • Priority Service: If an emergency repair is needed, members may be moved to the front of the work queue.
  • Higher Air Quality: A maintained HVAC system is a cleaner system. Better air quality means a healthier family.
  • Lower Energy Costs: Again, a well-cared-for system is more efficient and will function better for a longer period of time. Efficiency leads to lower energy costs.

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