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The Weirdest Tips For Toilet Plumbing

Like the little piggy who built his house from bricks, most homes are pretty durable. They can continue to stand through storms, rain, hail, snow, blazing heat waves, and frigid temperatures. But even though they are sturdy buildings, they still need maintenance checks and basic improvements to be taken care of properly and last a long time. That includes taking care of the plumbing system.

Understanding the plumbing system, how it works, and what types of maintenance it needs can help keep the home as a whole functioning at its best. There are odd tips and tricks for just about everything, so here are a few weird plumbing tips to keep the house running better than ever.

Toilet Cleaning Tablets To The Rescue

Cleaning toilets is not a glamorous task. It can be gross to clean every week or two, even when it’s just a few people living in the house that use the bathrooms. Sometimes it seems that no matter how often the toilets are cleaned, they still don’t end up looking that clean. This is especially true for homes with harder water, as the water stains are difficult to prevent.

That’s where toilet cleaning tablets can come in handy. These tablets can sit on the inside of the toilet bowl or the inside of the tank. They add chemicals, such as chlorine bleach, each time the water is flushed.

This helps to prevent limescale stains, calcium stains, and other common stains. Since the water being flushed is cleaner, it also keeps the rest of the plumbing system clean throughout the house. If there are fewer calcium stains in the toilet bowl, then there will be less calcium buildup in the pipes.

Only Toilet Paper Should Be Flushed

Seeing a sign in a public bathroom that says something like “only flush toilet paper down the toilet” is quite common. Yet many people still don’t follow those directions! Here’s the thing: even if other products say they are flushable, they’re not really flushable.

It’s better to throw them away than try to flush them down the toilet. There are many things that should not be flushed, this includes things like toilet seat covers, kleenex, paper towels, feminine products, and so on. When anything other than toilet paper is flushed, it is more likely to lead to a clog.

A toilet clog can be quite a hassle as it causes the dirty water in the pipes to back up and enter back into the toilet or other drains that are connected to the pipe like shower drains. Only flushing toilet paper will prevent clogs and keep the overall plumbing system healthier than ever.

A Bucket Of Water Could Save The Toilet From Disaster

One final weird plumbing tip is to keep a bucket of water near the toilet. It could save the toilet from disaster! Before modern toilets were invented, people would use buckets as a toilet themselves, and keep them in the bedroom under the bed.

That’s not what this tip is suggesting. Rather, keeping a bucket nearby to fill with water can be quite helpful at clearing clogged toilets. When a clog occurs, try pouring in a bucket of water into the toilet. That will usually do the trick and flush it down.

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