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The Pipe Installation Process

Pipes don’t last forever. Whether this is a problem in one specific room of the home or the need for a total pipe replacement, pipe installation is something most homeowners will need to consider during the lifetime of their home. Recognizing the signs and understanding how it works is helpful for everyone, no matter how long they’ve owned their home.

Signs A Home May Need New Pipe Installation

Essentially, plumbing is a water in, water out system. Any change in this may be a sign that a pipe installation is going to be needed in the near feature, even on a potentially emergent time frame.

Here are just a few of the potential signs to keep an eye out for.

  • Wet spots in the home: This can be the result of a cracked or leaking pipe somewhere that can’t be easily seen, and should not be ignored.
  • Frequent clogging: Corroded and/or older pipes can start to get clogged more and more frequently over time. Eventually, these pipes can even burst, causing a large plumbing emergency.
  • A change in water pressure: If the water pressure in the home experiences a sudden, sustained decrease, the home is likely to need a new pipe installation. Older pipes just can’t keep up.
  • Water discoloration: While this could be due to a variety of different factors if there is an obvious change to the color of the water (especially with flecks of rust) a pipe installation is going to be the likely solution.
  • Old pipes: Pipes have a limited age span. Brass pipes can usually last 40 – 45 years, while cast iron can last up to 100. If the age of the pipes is unknown, it may be something to look into.

Pipe Installation Services

There are a few various types of pipe installation that may need to happen in and around the home.

For instance, in some cases, the entire home may need to be entirely repiped. While this is often the case in older homes, it may need to be performed due to a plumbing emergency as well.

In other cases, a pipe installation may be required in only one or two specific places in the home. This may happen as the result of a foundation leak, a burst pipe, or just poor installation of the current pipes.

The pipes in the yard may also need to be replaced at some point, especially if they start to leak. This can be especially tricky considering where they are located in the house, but every type of pipe installation should always be performed by a licensed professional plumber.

Pipe Installation Tools

Pipe installation takes specific tools. Many of these tools aren’t the type that homeowners have in their regular toolbox, which is why it is essential for plumbers to perform this service.

These tools include things like mechanical hot tapping machines for cutting or drilling into pipes, tubing benders, pipe joiners, hack saws, specific types of pliers (water pump, positive grip, and pipe wrench) and more. Each performs a specific job when it comes to pipe installation, and are all equally important.

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