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Emergency Furnace Repair- Know When To Call

No heat on a cold winter night is an inconvenience at best for any homeowner. Loud noises or the smell of gas can also spell disaster if not dealt with quickly. Knowing the signs that an emergency service call is needed for the furnace can save more than just time and money. It can save lives.

Are The Vents Only Blowing Cold Air?

Cold air coming out of a homes’ air vents on a cold night could be a simple fix or a major problem. A homeowner might only need to change a furnace filter. On the other side of the spectrum, the burners have gone out. The best option for a homeowner if this does happen is to change the furnace filter first and foremost.

A switch can get tripped on some furnaces if the filter is too dirty and enough air cannot get through. The switch shuts off the burners so they do not overheat due to the air not being moved efficiently enough. If changing the furnace filter doesn’t fix the issue, an emergency service call may be necessary.

Noticing Loud Or Alarming Noises

A loud or alarming noise coming from a homeowner’s HVAC system can not only be frightening but a sign that an emergency service call is needed. If there is a loud noise only at start-up, this could be signs of a serious ignition issue that can be extremely dangerous. A delay in ignition causes build-up, which can be an issue for ignition if the delay becomes too long.

Homeowners should make a service call immediately. Constant or occasional squeaking during operation, on the other hand, could be signs of a worn belt on the blower or fan, and the unit may not require immediate attention. However, this issue should still be dealt with at the homeowners’ earliest convenience.

Is That Smell A Potential Gas Leak?

Gas leaks can lead to serious problems for many homeowners. Many appliances run off of natural gas. This would include stoves, hot water heaters, fireplaces, clothes dryers, and even some outdoor lighting. All of these appliances connect to the natural gas system via gas lines. A leak can occur at any of these connection points. A gas leak will give off a rotten-egg like smell. Natural gas is originally odorless.

An odorant by the name of mercaptan is added to create this rotten-egg smell. This is done for safety reasons. The smell also closely resembles that of sulfur. The presence of either sulfur or rotten egg smells in a home warrants a prompt emergency service call. Ignoring these signs can be deadly.

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