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Dressing Like A Clown Vs. Being A Clown

October 31st is right around the bend, and with it, a little Halloween humor! There are three main DIY mistakes that home plumbers make which may make them the joke of the party. These mistakes are cause for laughter, whether you think it’s funny or not.

You might find this helpful if you’re looking for pointers on how not to mess up and end up a laughingstock. If you want to learn a little and avoid looking like Krusty the Clown read on. It’s the season for some hair-raising tales, and here are a few DIY fails.

The Unknown Danger Of Drain Cleaners

Liquid drain cleaners are most people’s go-to for the quick fix. If you find that one of your drains is ever so slowly going down, don’t reach for that drain cleaner until the problem can be detected!

There are hidden dangers of using drain cleaners! Over some time continuing to use drain cleaners can corrode your pipes. Talk about dangerous! It damages plumbing systems, heat is created while it works, and it can soften PVC pipes until they break.

If there is any glue holding your pipes together, you can kiss that goodbye too. A plumber’s worst nightmare is coming over to fix a clog after you’ve tried to do it yourself using Drano. Imagine being in their shoes.

The plumber gets the auger or the plunger out and gets to work, then the unimaginable happens. Liquid drain cleaner splashes up and burns his (or your) skin. The horror! Just say no to Drano, OK?

Break The Bad Habit Of Over-Tightening Bolts

The worst mistake you can make in DIY plumbing is over-tightening bolts and plumbing connections. All this does is create critical damage to parts and cause leaks. Save your water, your floors, and your wallet; avoid this travesty, please.

A little common sense here can go a long way, but some people lack the trait. That’s a scary thought. Hopefully, you’re not one of those people, but if you are, avoid the embarrassment and follow these tips:

  • Don’t strip the threads
  • Lefty loosey, righty tighty
  • Hand-tight is just right

This Halloween, take this seasoned advice from the pros to avoid being the butt of everyone’s jokes. Although this is all in good humor, DIY plumbing mistakes are no laughing matter! Read on for some useful information about a plumber’s best friend.

Avert Comical Plumbing Tape Misuse

Although it is laughable when a plumber comes to your house and sees your leak is caused by a common blunder, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of that dilemma.

This frequent mistake is avoidable, and painless if you heed the right advice. Teflon tape, the familiar plumber’s tape can be a DIY plumber’s best friend. There is a trick to using this handy dandy little spool.

You don’t want it to unwrap itself, right? Then wrap it correctly going clockwise and avoid the bad luck! If it’s hard to remember how to do it right, try to imagine that you want your tape in the opposite direction that you’ll screw the fitting. If the end of it is going in the same direction that you’re turning, it will unravel. Now, that’s a scary scenario!

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