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Three Tips For Keeping Your AC System Healthy And Happy This National AC Day

This July 17th is National AC Day. It was on this day in 1902 that Willis Carrier filed the plans for the modern air conditioner. It took a while for air conditioners to become ubiquitous, but the day came. Now, nearly every home in America has an air conditioner keeping the temperature down and the moisture under control. So, in honor of National AC Day, here are three tips that any homeowner can use to keep their AC functioning well for longer

Clean House And Replace Filters

Not only does an AC unit keep the home cool and the moisture down, but it also serves to clean the air. It pulls air from the home through filters to remove pollutants and keep the air clean. But, in the process, it gets the filters dirty. This is why it’s important to change the filters on time. Most filters are good for three months, but that number goes down if there are pets in the house.

Speaking of pets, it’s just as important to keep the house clean as it is to change filters on time – if the idea is to take it easy on the AC. A clean house means that there’s not as much dirt and debris to go into the filters. So, by combining clean filters with a clean house, it helps keep the AC functioning well.

Strategically Adjust Temperature To Save Money

Another great way to help commemorate National AC Day is to adjust the temperature throughout the day. During the heat of the day, raising the temperature a couple of degrees above normal can keep the air conditioner from overworking.

At night, lowering the temperature can do the same thing in reverse. By doing this, it’s possible not only to save excessive wear-and-tear on the AC unit, but it can actually help homeowners save money on their energy bills. The difference of a few degrees during the day isn’t much, and it still allows the house to stay comfortable at all times.

Stick To Regular Maintenance And Tune-Ups

Last on the list of tips to commemorate AC Day is all about maintenance and tune-ups. Although the last on the list, this tip is perhaps the most important to maintaining a well-functioning AC unit. When combined with filter changes, a clean house, and strategically adjusted temperatures, maintenance can ensure that homeowners get a long life out of their AC.

Luckily, maintenance and tune-ups are easily done with a professional AC company. The technicians handle everything, including inspecting the AC unit for issues. They make sure to alert the homeowner of any pending problems that can turn into emergencies. Most professional companies have affordable maintenance plans ready to go for new or existing customers.

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